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The Bravo Kennel Code of Ethics
In Order of Importance

    1. What is Best for the Presa Canario Breed must always come first.
    2. The Bravo Kennel customers must all be treated equally and fairly. Be available to help your
         customers for as long as they need you.
    3. Bravo Kennel (Presa Canario's) comes third.
    4. As a Presa Canario Kennel owner, I must always be prepared to be the last of importance.


Dear Bravo Kennel,

First, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to explain to me about the Presa Canario breed. In the process of learning about the Presa Canario, I not only gained information about the breed, but also gained a true friend who loves his dogs and is very passionate about the Presa Canario breed and their well being.

Because of you my family now has a new member of the family who gives us unconditional love and so much happiness. The puppy was house trained so well when we brought him home at eight weeks old and was raised with the best of care that it made our job a lot easier once we got him home. The puppy is healthy, happy, and growing strong. Thank you again for all of your help and we will see you at the dog shows with our puppy.

Jean & Family
New Jersey

Mike, Buffalo NY
April, 2009

First of all, I would like to give my utmost thanks and regards to Beau Hadden - Bravo Kennels for the excellence of their breeding, his time, his effort and the continuous counsel he has given to me. I initially met Beau in the winter of 07 and purchased Leah (first pick female/show quality Presa Canario) in December 08. I was very anxious and excited the first time I visited Bravo Kennel and was determined to find the highest quality Presa Canario worldwide.

I knew instantly I had found a top Presa Canario breeder after talking to Beau for a few minutes, seeing his passion and knowledge for the breed, and witnessing the most majestic, noble, and dominant breed in the world. After that first visit to Bravo Kennel, Beau and I discussed how, and if I had the patience, he would be able to produce me with the top quality bloodline and highest show quality Presa Canario that I was looking for.

Since then, Beau has been nothing but courteous and helpful to me and now my 6 month puppy Leah (fawn 85 lbs) is outstanding. Leah won her NAKC Jr. Championship Title which she won in one day of participating in the six to 12 month Jr. puppy class and took home a “Best in Show” win that day as well. Her showing future is more than promising. Thanks to Bravo Kennel - Beau Hadden, I've got a new man's best friend in my dog Leah, and a great new life long friendship with Beau. 

Bravo Kennel's Liea at 11 months old. The first junior puppy
ever to finish in the Adult Top Ten Dog of the Year Class.
(She finished #3). Bravo Kennel's Liea New All-Time Record
for the most Junior Puppy Best in Show Wins.
Previous Record 21 Junior Puppy Best in Shows.
Bravo Kennel's Liea new record is 27 Junior Puppy Best in Shows. (6-12 month class).

Anthony Bartolotta
Staten Island, N.Y.

May 8, 2009

Mr. Beau Hadden
Bravo Kennel

It is an honor and a privilege to know Mr. Beau Hadden. Beau has a sensible, honest approach, and a wealth of information that he offers about the Presa Canario Breed to the Public. Mr. Hadden is dedicated and committed to advancing the Presa Canario Breed to the highest standard by the process he has developed at Bravo Kennel. Beau integrates the Spanish International World Class Champion Standard at Bravo Kennel and delivers a premiere class Presa Canario Dog born and raised here in the United States.

Mr. Hadden has provided me through familiarization, knowledge, and his time towards my dog, "Colossus-Ajax" (A Bravo Dog) the ability to achieve his NAKC International Championship Title quickly at no charge to me. Beau Hadden has made me a Presa Canario Dog Lover. His deep understanding of the breed coupled with sincere honest information he communicates makes him a perfectionist, and an asset to the Presa Canario Breed. Beau has started a revolution in the Presa Canario Breed here in the United States. Simply put, Beau Hadden is the Godfather of the Presa Canario in America.

Beau Hadden has a commitment to excellence and the advancement of the Presa Canario Breed. This is the mission at Bravo Kennel.

Anthony Bartolla


I wanted you and the rest of the world to know my honest feelings on the process and experience in my search and assessment of the Presa Canario breed. I took an interest in the Presa breed approximately a year ago, during this time I held correspondence with multiple breeders from America, Canada and even across the ocean to Spain. I came to know the breed and more importantly, what I wanted in my future Presa, as well as what I could give / provide to my future Presa. I viewed many, many pups and adults all the while continuing to form in my mind the dog I desired. At some point during this search I came across your site, while the pictures and accolades posted on your site were impressive, I continued the search for my perfect Presa. As time went on, I on a daily basis continued to visit different web sites (including yours). The more I learned on this breed the more I became drawn to the possibility of owning a Bravo Kennel dog. Once I decided it was the right time to add to our family, I picked up the phone and spoke with a few breeders. All individuals are different but for me it was clear from my conversations with these breeders some were more interested in the money aspect of the sale, others just providing enough info to try to close the sale. When I spoke with you, you provided me with info on the breed as well as your opinion on this breed, just as important you listened to me on my questions and opinions. After having 3 or so phone conversations w/you I decided to make the commitment to a young male pup from a recent litter. I was very excited through this process and commitment, partly because I always felt good with our conversations. This was a big commitment on my part not only financially but understanding this is a lifelong commitment to our new dog. When the day came to board a plane and fly across the country, I was excited and nervous, after all you now had a 50% deposit and I was moving forward on pics and your words.

Meeting day:

Beau, you were kind enough to pick me up from my hotel and allow me in your home. We spent all day and well into the night as you answered all my questions, provided me with tips and input and YES my pup was all that was advertised. The next day you again spent time with me, which was important to me, finalizing paperwork and some odds and ends.

When the day came for Romulus and I to fly home you came and dropped us off at the airport. Later that day however, I was bumped off my flight due to poor weather conditions (high temps) at one of my layover cities. There I was in NY with my new pup, stuck at the airport. No vehicle or hotel to go back to. After doing my darnedest to make the most of my situation I was able to secure an early morning flight out the next day. Only possible problem was I had to get my boy and I to New Jersey, to a new hotel and ready for a new flight out. I called you, as I told you I would to give you a status check. When I explained to you what had happened and my dilemma you went out of your way to help me and mine, living up to your statement to me earlier that I was now part of the Bravo Kennel Family and that Bravo Kennel would be there for me whenever and for as long as I needed their help or advice. When this day was already tough enough on Romulus and I, you made the difference. You came by and took us to New Jersey to our new hotel, your actions substantiated the way I felt all along. Bravo Kennel lives up to their words. We slept a lot easier that night, thank you!

After being home for a week Romulus was having a bit of stomach issues, (going through the transition of new food / water) I was in touch w/you and advised you I would be bringing him in to the Vets for his prior scheduled check up. I notified you I would be having him tested for any bacteria or worms. Though you are very in tuned to your dogs and were confident that he was free of any worms, you NEVER took a defensive position or became upset, in fact you
encouraged me to do so. Again, this demonstrates your credibility and speaks of the man and kennel owner you are! In my line of work as an Animal Control Officer, I have far too many negative experiences with breeders of all sorts, from back yard breeders to those who are considered legitimate. Because of the individual that I am, I have had my boy checked on two separate occasions to have both test come back negative for any parasites (Beau proudly explained to me there has never been one pup tested positive for parasites by any new owner of a Bravo Kennel pup).

The search for my PERFECT PRESA CANARIO took me far from home, but no doubt gave me the results I desired. I look forward to a very long and rewarding relationship with Beau Hadden, whom I consider a new friend and mentor.

Youngest Presa Canario to achieve the title of champion
at 7 months old. Bravo Kennel's Champion Romulus
The breeding between Spanish Champion Sando Can and
Hall of Fame Champion Bravo Kennel's NayNa.

Kevin Osborne

Dear Beau,

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for me and Bravo's Champion Mya. You have been a great friend and mentor. It's been almost 2 years since I purchased Bravo's Champion Mya from you and I can't tell you enough how much she means to me. She is everything and more you told me she would be. Since the first day I met you I knew I meet someone special. You were always sincere and honest with me. You have made a huge impact to the Presa Canario breed. I can defiantly say that you are the best at what you do. You have taught me so much and I am so grateful for all the time you have spent teaching and training my dog and myself at no charge, preparing me get Bravo's Champion Mya ready for her shows and win! I can truthfully say that I will always turn to Beau Hadden for advice because I know that the advice I'm getting is coming from the best Presa Canario breeder in the world.
Mya's NAKC Championship Title Photo
Thank You
Christopher Kowalewski
Long Island New York

Dear Beau,

I want to start this note of appreciation off by saying "Thank You" again. Your kindness and generosity has been greatly appreciated. Your willingness to talk whenever I call with any kind of question is also appreciated. You truly are a genuine person and I and very grateful I had the pleasure to meet you.

My story.....In February 2009, I started actively searching the internet to purchase a new Presa Canario puppy. I came across the Bravo Kennel website and was immediately intrigued. You had puppies from Master Supreme Grand Champion Luna and Tarantino and that was exactly what I was looking for. I had started doing reseach on Tarantino and decided I wanted to own one of his pups. I contacted you and we talked numerous times about the pups you had and what my expectations were. I had made my mind up, I wanted a Tarantino/ Master Supreme Grand Champion Luna pup. But then something unexpectidly came up and I missed my opportunity to get a puppy.

I kept looking, taking my time, not wanting to make a hasty decision. I had really enjoyed talking to you and appreciated your knowledge on the breed and the excitement you had in your voice when you talked about your dogs. I kept thinking to myself that I really wanted to buy a puppy from Bravo Kennel and keep a relationship with you. I told myself to be patient and the right opportunity would come my way.......and it did!!!

A few months after our initial phone call, I had learned about the breeding you had done between Hall of Fame-Master Supreme Grand Champion Nay-na and Spanish Champion Sando Can and immediately I became interested. I was constantly looking up any information I could find about Spanish Champion Sando Can, Tirso and Hall of Fame-Master Supreme Grand Champion Nay-na. I have to say, I was more than interested in this breeding. Finally, I had decided that I had to have a Bravo pup!

In July 2009, my girlfriend and I drove from the southside of Chicago to New York to purchase the new addition. We had decided on the second pick female, as you were keeping the first. We decided we needed to meet her before we could settle on a name for sure and the minute we saw her, we knew we had the perfect name for her.....Bravo's Envy.

When we arrived to New York, you invited us into your home and made us dinner. The hospitality was incredible, more than we had expected. Over the next few days, you took the time to sit with me and taught me what you knew about the breed and how to show a dog, and convinced me that I should show my dog. I had never handled a dog before, so you worked with me for days, teaching me what to do and what not to do. You encouraged me to continue to work with the dog and prepare her for a lifetime of shows. You kept telling me, "she is a great show prospect". Our trip was a little shorter than we would have liked, but it was time to get our little girl home. Your thoughtfulness and kindness won't soon be forgotten.

Once we got our dog home, our telephone conversations continued. You told me that I was now part of the Bravo family and I know that you meant it. One day, we started talking about the 2009 U.S.A. Monografica in Georgia that was to be held in September. You encouraged me to go and bring Bravo's Envy. You even went as far as to say that Bravo's Envy had as good if not better a chance to win than Bravo's Chula, the female pup you kept. So, I had decided to go to Georgia and enter Bravo's Envy in the 2009 U.S.A. Monografica and the DCCA National shows.

Again, my girlfriend and I got in the car and drove to Georgia. We made it there just in time for the start of the show. I got in the ring with Bravo's Envy, scared and nervous. I had never done this before and Bravo's Envy had limited training, but you continued to support me and talked me through it. A few minutes into the show, the nerves went away and the excitement started to build. It was such a cool experience and I wanted to make sure I took it all in. Then it happened......the Spanish judge picked Bravo's Envy to win her class (3-6 month female puppies)!! I was shocked! And there you were, standing next to me with Bravo's Chula winning second, congratulating me and telling me how happy you were for me and what a great day this was for the Bravo Kennel family. A few minutes later, Bravo's Envy went up against the winner of the 3-6 month male class and won the 2009 U.S.A. Monografica "Best Puppy in Show"!!! Again shocked and excited, you were the first to congratulate me and tell me how happy you were that my dog won!! Later in the day Bravo's Envy competed in the DCCA National show and won "Best Puppy in Show" again!! You were so sincere and genuinely happy for me, I knew you were a class act.

So, here I am in Chicago with this World Class puppy and I couldn't be happier!! And I owe it all to you, Beau Hadden!! Without you, none of this would have been possible and I can't see myself being this happy with any other dog! I know I have made a true friend for life in you and I am truly thankful. I will take this knowledge I received from you and continue to persue a Champion dog. So again I thank you for this amazing dog and for being such a wonderful person. Thanks again for everything!!

Kyle Fredrick,
owner of Bravo's Envy
Chicago, IL

Paul Seng (International Buyer)

In the middle of last year I began my search on the internet for show quality Presa Canario. There were numerous websites advertising the exceptional pedigree Presas that they possess, but very few of them actually has dogs that compete regularly in regional shows and win. To me having kept many large and beautiful dogs before, a very good breeder must regularly compete in shows as it is the only way they can be assured that the dogs they are breeding have the qualifications to be called exceptional dogs. The only breeder that stands out among all the Presa breeders in the USA and I might say internationally for producing high quality Presa puppies from champion show dogs is Beau Hadden.

Upon my first contact with him he struck me as a person who is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about Presas. I have never bought a dog from a person I have not met face to face before, but his honest answers to my questions and professional attitude won me over. He did not have any puppies available in the middle of last year and recommended that I purchase a couple from Tenerife, Spain. I agreed and purchase two female with very good pedigree (one has Sando Can as its sire). They arrived in Singapore in November and are both doing very well. Both puppies are beautiful, large and most importantly of very good temperament. They have since completed their obedience training and are so friendly that they get along with my cats at home.

Since then I have bought another 2 male puppies from the Luna and Rudi breeding. They have just recently arrive, and I am very glad to say they are everything that Beau promised they will be. In a week since they have been here both puppies have put on an average of 6lbs each. I expect both of them to be "huge" (the word that Beau so like to describe his beauties). Both these puppies will be shown by me in Singapore when they are older. I expect them to do very well in shows.

From our long conversations over the phone I have also discovered that Beau is extremely passionate when it comes to Presas and is most willing to share his knowledge of the breed with me. I have learned a lot from Beau and am currently applying this knowledge to raise my Presas. Apart from his professionalism when it comes to business I find him to be very honest, understanding and patient (an important quality as we Asian tend to be less direct in our conversation for fear of offending someone). From our many conversations we have since become friends, which I suppose is very special since we have not met each other face to face before and are separated by about 10,000 miles.

So thank you Beau for all your beautiful puppies and most importantly for being a friend.

May 2010

While trying to find a high quality Presa Canario, I ran into quiet a few crooks that called themselves Presa Canario breeders, these so called Presa Canario breeders (Crooks) go about displaying a large number of impressive pictures of the so called Presa dogs they claim to breed, they also claim that such dogs come from top of the line bloodlines from Spain, etc, etc, etc.

I found out that by the simple fact that the Presa Canario breed is a fairly new introduced breed to this continent, the vast majority of potential buyers of Presa Canario dogs lack the knowledge and a lot of information about the breed; which could very possible translate into them being taken for a ride by the so called Presa breeders (Crooks).

I can only speak and write based on my personal experiences, which trigger the burning desire to warn the general public and the potential Presa Canario buyers about the tremendous risks that they expose themselves that by not carefully selecting a reputable breeder can bring them.One day of long Internet research  about the Presa Canario breed, I came across the Bravo Kennel web page and proceeded to contact Mr. Beau Hadden (Owner), whom from the very first moment displayed a great interest in helping me to find the high quality of Presa Canario that I had been looking for, and at the same time did not hesitated in sharing his extensive knowledge about the Presa Canario with me.

My wife and I decided to purchase a male puppy from Bravo Kennels, and we  can only say that the purchase of the male pup has been our best dog purchase that my wife and I have ever made.

I can only say that Mr. Beau Hadden`s level of integrity, honesty and knowledge is unparalleled, and my advice to anyone interested in the Presa Canario breed is that I am a reference in regards to the Bravo Kennel quality of dogs and business ethics that are provided to everyone, right from your initial conversation with Mr. Beau Hadden.

Thanks a lot Bravo Kennel!
Rafael Carrera
Costa Rica

Mark Begley
Kauai, Hawaii
October 5, 2010

Bravo Kennel and Beau Haden are the real deal. Not only does he produce incredible proven world class Presa pups from true Spanish bloodlines, he is also a man of his word, a rare commodity, especially in the purebred dog world. I have learned the hard way that there are few breeders you can trust. Some of them will advertise Spanish Presa Canario bloodlines, championship lineage, and promise you the world; but then send you a pup without the registration papers, or steal your deposit and not send you a pup at all. Beau is not like that. He treats you like family. It makes him happy to know that you are happy, and he will do everything in his power to do what he says he is going to do. Beau and Bravo Kennel have proven to me that they are who they say they are. We are extremely happy with our new pup Otra, from Rudi (from the Canary Islands) and Hall of Fame Champion / Master Supreme Grand Champion Bravo’s Nayna. She is gorgeous, strong and agile and has a great temperament. She loves people, and is a real head turner. She is great with my kids, and fits right in to the family. We can’t wait to see how she will do in the show ring, and eventually what her own pups will look like. Thanks Beau.

Mark Begley

Dearest Beau,

I picked up the phone and called you and that's where it all started. After our initial conversation I felt like I had known you for years. I first must thank you Beau for all that you have done for me.... I arrived on your doorstep less than 24hrs after our initial lengthy conversation and was greeted by you and you invited me in and made me feel like a part of the family. You treated us to a fantastic dinner, showed me around your home, where those beautiful puppies are born, the dog/puppy room with all its ribbons and pictures of the multiple wins and titles. Then you introduced me to three of the finest looking Presa Canarios females I have personally seen. Then came the moment I had been looking forward to my pup, Bravo Kennel’s Tiara. Again I must thank you Beau for giving me the opportunity to own such an incredible little dog. She has been everything you told me she would be and sooo much more.

I was fortunate to have a friend who owns several Presas and that’s when I took an interest in the breed. Bravo Kennel’s Tiara made me fall in love with them! Upon bringing her home I was truly amazed at how protective this breed naturally is. At a mere four months Tia was barking and warning me of any strangers. You did tell me that they were very protective of their owners but I never would have imagined a puppy acting like that. Her hair would stand straight up, her tail high above her in the alert ready position, and when I would check to see what it was she was barking at she would look at me and then bounce towards the stranger making sure I understood that there was someone who wasn't supposed to be there. This little girl never backs down. Of course I cannot forget that you once told me that Presas don't love their owners, they adore them....this is sooo true! Ferocity and loyalty all in one beautiful package. Upon leaving you again told me that I was now a part of the Bravo family and that you would be there for me as long as I needed and wanted you to be. I was skeptical of this at first. I figured these were words that many use but not live up to. Beau, you have done everything you have ever said you would for me and, in fact, you have been a godsend from that first phone call. You introduced me to the world of "Dog Shows" with Bravo Kennel’s Tiara and helped us win our first Best in Show even making sure that our hotel reservations were taken care of. You have taken the time to show me around the city, introduce me to some of the people in the dog world that you know and you have even called on a regular basis checking to see how things were going and if I had any questions or if there was anything you could do for me. I didn't just purchase a dog from a breeder....I found an extended family and made some wonderful friends who don't just say they'll be there.....they are there!

I wanted to let you know Beau that I appreciate everything you have done for me. When I approached you about purchasing a dog from another breeder you took the time to look over the information for me and offered me your advice. You contacted the sellers for me and even had multiple three way conversations translating and working out fine details (at you own cost) that I would have been unable to do myself and you even got a better price for me. I am very grateful to have met you and to now have your expertise and guidance while I chase a new dream (the Presa Canario breed)! I owe you many thanks Beau! I wish you the best in your new adventures and breedings, and look forward to many years in the show ring with you. 

Cheryl picking up her 4 month old female puppy, Bravo Kennel's Tiara (formerly "Direcha"). Breeding between Rudi and Hall of Fame Champion Bravo's Nay-Na - 4 months old Female Puppy.

Breeding between Rudi and Hall of Fame Champion Bravo's Nay-Na
"Direcha" - 4 months old Female Puppy. Now named "Bravo Kennel's Tiara"

To the public, if you are reading this, chances are you are looking at purchasing a Presa and you have certainly come to the best place......

Many many Thanks Beau,

To Those That Want a Presa From Bravo Kennel,

My dog Nala that came from Bravo Kennel is the perfect dog.  She is a pup of Bravo's Nay-Na and Spain's Rudi.  First as for the breed standards she couldn't fit them any better.  She has the mask right to the eyes, beautifully straight and very muscular rear legs, her ears were cropped amazingly, and a very nicely squared skull.  She has been nothing but a joy in my life since bringing her home.  She was and is naturally protective of my family and our house.  I bring her everywhere with me she enjoys the car rides and is behaved perfectly while we are out places.  She is very socialable with people, children, dogs, and other small animals as well.  She has met and exceeded all my expectations of her.  She is 1 year old and weighs 120 lbs., 21" neck, 34.5" chest, 27" at the waist.  She walks right along side me, no pulling, she even behaves and listens off leash.  Beau was very helpful when I got her and has been since with anything I needed.  My only regret was not getting 2, but my Nala is everything I could have every imagined and more.

Mark Olewnik

Breeding between Rudi and Hall of Fame Champion Bravo's Nay-Na
"Carmela" - 1 year old Female Puppy. Now named "Nala".

Nala shown here with her feline friend.
Breeding between Rudi and Hall of Fame Champion Bravo's Nay-Na "Carmela" -
1 year old Female.

Dear Bravo Kennel,

We had been researching the breed for almost a year, watching for litters and looking into different breeders. We knew the Presa was for us, but we also felt it was very important to get the best possible specimen of this breed. We keep visiting Beau Hadden’s website (Bravo Kennel) because there was such a great explanation of the breed there and the content he posted about his dogs was very thorough. Compared to other breeder’s sites, Bravo Kennels posed facts we felt we needed to know about these dogs. His site seemed to be above and beyond all the competitors. When Nay-Na’s litter was posted online we watched the video of the puppies running out of the house door. Fuega was the last puppy to come pouncing out the door and we fell in love instantly. Beau thoroughly examined her weight and bone structure and posed the footage online. Within minutes of seeing Fuega we contracted Beau. To explain the heart, temperament, and personality of Fuega is the most important thing I want to express. You can see her quality and unparalleled beauty from her bloodlines, pictures, and video, but what you cannot tell from pictures is her spirit and personality. She has such a confident radiance it is hard not to feel and share her prideful presence every time you are with her. It’s as if she is telling you, you are the best master and she is the best student. She is such a quick learner that training is a joy and so rewarding for both. She is never dog aggressive and instinctively knows how to determine the difference in positive and negative human body language, making us confident enough to take her anywhere. Not only is she excellent in all aspects of the breed standards, but personality is unlike any animal we have ever met. She has a way of reading your body language and reacting to exactly what you need her to do. Her loving and protective nature makes her the perfect guardian for our family. Her attentiveness to our children (all boys age 1 1/2 , 6, and 13) is probably the hardest to explain. The best example I can give of her relationship with the boys is to share an instance when we were all in the front yard working on mulching the gardens. Fuega was keeping a close eye on the littlest one (Cruz), never going more then ten feet from his side. I turned my attention to the yard. As everyone was focused on the task at hand, the toddler strolled around the yard. Seconds later I heard Fuega whine and looked up to see her pressing back and forth in front of Cruz’s path blocking him from walking right into the street. The little guy had wondered all the way across the half acre front yard and was headed straight for the street. Without Fuega by his side herding him back in the yard and alerting me, who knows what could have happened. [Fuega was only 4 months old at this time.] As if having this type of a dog was not worth all the research and waiting to find the right dog, she also has the ability to become a fantastic show Champion. With only minimal training, no prior shows, and at only five months of age, Fuega took first place in her class a the national Presa-Palooza in Carrollton, GA. Of all the Presa’s represented at this event, we felt like Fuega was in a class all her own. Beau Hadden has not only mastered and fine-tuned his breeding program to produce some of the finest Presas in the world, but his willingness to continue to educate us on the breed and his overwhelming support is also in a class all its own. Thanks Beau and Maria for giving us Fuega, we will try to show our heartfelt gratitude through being the best possible home for her.

Carlos and Epiphany Ramos

Breeding between Spanish Champion Sando Can
and Hall of Fame Champion Bravo's Nay-Na
Bravo Kennel's Fuega with Cruz (from the testimonial letter).
She was 5 months old.

Breeding between Spanish Champion Sando Can
and Hall of Fame Champion Bravo's Nay-Na
Bravo Kennel's Fuega. She was 5 months old.
U.S.A. Monograghica 2011
(Paloosa Best 3-6 Month Female In Show).

Paloosa show in Georgia.

Dear Bravo Kennel,

I am so happy to have Bravo Kennel's "Bo Bo" (formerly "Grandote"). From day one when I talked to Beau, owner of Bravo Kennel, he had so much knowledge of the Presa Canario breed and was just a pleasure to talk to.  My dog not only has the beauty and size that I love, but he is the smartest dog that I have ever owned.  Bravo Kennel is truly the #1 Kennel of Presas in the world and I look forward to owning more of this wonderful breed from Bravo Kennel.  Thanks for all the help and guidance, Beau, you are the man!"

B.Taylor - Motown Recording Artist

Bravo Kennel's Bo Bo - 6 months at 121.8 pounds

B. Taylor performing for the President and US Troops.
Seen here with President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and basketball great, Magic Johnson.

To learn more about B. Taylor visit his website:

Bravo Kennel consistently produces some of the best dogs in the United States. Although you can buy cheap dogs for less money elsewhere, you will be hard-pressed to find the Bravo Kennels' quality anywhere in the world. One question to ask yourself, "Would you rather settle for an also-ran and save a few bucks?" If that describes you, maybe you are not fit for a Bravo dog. I have observed several people with the desire to acquire a dog that will excel in the show ring turn to Bravo Kennels and they ended up with the top dog in the country! This kind of repeated success is amazing! If you are looking for show quality, I can recommend Bravo Kennels.

- Jason Baum, the Public Relations Representative of the Dogo Canario Club Of America at the 2012 U.S.A. Monographica

Dearest Beau & Maria,

On behalf of Ella and myself, I wanted to take this time to express my gratitude in regards to our newest family member, Federale´. Since joining our family in June of last year (2013), we have continuously grown happier with him. Perhaps I'm a bit partial but I think Fed truly is a special dog both in temperament and appearance.

In order to paint the proper picture, I feel that it is important to share a brief story about my dealing with another dog breeder. Prior to purchasing Federale´ from you, I had a not so ideal experience with a self proclaimed, "top breeder" of English Bull Terriers in North Carolina. I admit, I have to assume some of the responsibility here because I slacked on my homework and put way too much faith into what the breeder was telling me. Aside from there customer service severely lacking (once payment was received of course), I was basically dropped on my a__ once the pup arrived and began exhibiting issues. What I would soon find out is that my "Level 5, Show Quality" pup that I shelled out thousands for was nothing more then pet quality with a laundry list of problems behavioral and physical. We love Joker nonetheless but I would be lying if I didn't say that we were quite apprehensive when we began shopping for a Presa!!

Now fast forward to when Bravo Kennel came into our life :)

Unbeknownst to me, shortly after Joker's arrival, Ella had discovered the magnificent dog breed Presa Canario. She had been secretly researching the breed as well as the numerous breeders in the US. She spoke with several of these breeders yet it seemed as if most were more interested in marketing there brand more then the dogs themselves. She had discovered Bravo Kennel but felt as if a pup from Bravo was unattainable. When she finally got around to telling me about this breed, I was able to make my decision immediately based on the dog's appearance alone!!

Hands down, the best Presa's come from Bravo Kennel!! Remember, I knew nothing about this breed until Ella introduced me to it. She showed me numerous photos of many different Presa's and  I could always tell a distinct difference between a Bravo dog and those produced by others. A Bravo dog appears much more structurally sound, are larger dogs, and are overall a much more impressive canine. I instructed Ella to email you about any upcoming litters and the rest as they say, is history.

I believe the first email response included a phone number with you urging me to call. When I called, I felt like I was talking to a friend and could immediately tell that it was about so much more then taking my money. That phone call sparked a flurry of additional phone calls, Skype sessions, emails etc. I felt like I was getting the royal treatment but would soon find out that this was just the way you are!! I was able to watch Federale´ grow weekly and when he was finally old enough to send our way, our friendship didn't end :)

Be it concerned phone calls about pesky puppy ears that did not want to stand immediately, potential growing pains, or just to check up on how much he weighs and how he is progressing, you have always been there to answer our calls and give us guidance. I know that every time I speak with you, I reiterate just how happy Fed makes us but I really mean every word of that. I can't wait to add the next Bravo pup to our family and we value you and Maria's friendship immensely. We thank you for all that you have done for us and look forward to watching your kennel continue to grow. Seriously folks, if you are reading this testimonial and considering a Presa pup, LOOK NO FURTHER!! They just don't come any better then this!!

Your Friends in Indiana,
Jeff & Ella :)

At 10 months old Bravo Kennel's Federale weighed 142 pounds.

At 10 months old Bravo Kennel's Federale weighed 142 pounds.


Wow, Where do I start? I first came across Bravo Kennel about 4 years ago when I first started looking into the Presa Canario breed. I was blown away with the Bravo Kennel blood line. By far Bravo Kennel was my first choice in a Presa Canario throughout the United States. I was very much against putting a dog on a plane, and it was a hard trip to New York for me and my family to make so I began looking else were even though Bravo Kennel was the blood line I always wanted.. I finally picked another breeder and that's were fate fell into place. I had missed litter after litter with the new breeder and finally gave up on them.. One day I happened to look back on the Bravo Kennel web-site and saw that the address had changed to Florida and I became very happy for WE live in Florida and my heart was always with Bravo Kennel. I called Beau right away and within a week drove to his new home in Florida and met with Beau and his dogs. All I can say is WOW. I had  never seen such a professional in my life! Beau's knowledge of the Presa Canario breed is second to none. Every question was answered with complete honesty and instantly. Now onto the dogs. Out came Varros Mother first ( Master/Grand Champion Bravo Kennel's Chula) and let me tell you I have never seen a more impressive dog than her.. Once I got to see the puppies  I fell in love with the little brindle one whose name at the time was Demon.. He was the smallest male pup of the litter but not small.  Beau was straight up with me and told me he didn't know if  he would be available for me to as there was another person that had a pick male in front of me.. Beau would call me and give me updates. Beau then called me to tell me the other person had picked another pup other than Demon and that made him mine. I named him Varro.  We still keep in contact and I really appreciate what  Bravo Kennel did for me.. At the time of this writing Bravo Kennel's Varro was exactly 2 years old and weighed 167 pounds! Beau " You Are The Man" and Bravo Kennel is taking over the Presa Canario World!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

-- Calvin.


Thank you Beau for everything, you are a real standup guy. There are so many breeders out there that say one thing and do another, but since we first spoke back in 2012 until today you have done everything you said you would for me. Keeping your word to me every time and I respect you for that. After speaking to you for over a year, you invited me down to Florida to visit with you and your dogs because I was interested in purchasing a pup from you. You told me you were going to do a breeding that you were really excited about between Bravo Kennel's Bandita and Scorsesse de Casa Alisia ( Rubio), and me not knowing a lot about the pedigree's, I knew if you were excited about the breeding then I should be ecstatic about it. I gave you a deposit and you said the rest can be paid when I picked up of the pup. I remember you calling me to let me know that Bandita did not get pregnant on her first breeding but you were going to try again on her next heat, and you gave me 3 options. Option 1 to pick another pup from another upcoming letter. Option 2 wait until Bandita comes into heat again and get my pup then.  Or option 3 you will return my money. I choose option 2, because I remember you telling me how excited you were about this breeding.

You called me when you were about to breed the two dogs again, and also called when it was conferred that Bandita was pregnant from Rubio. You stayed in contact with me the entire time, keeping me updated on how things were going. On July 10, 2014 we drove down to pick up ower pup and we also created a YouTube video about the Black Mask of a Presa Canario with you. This was our first time seeing the pup and Lucia took to us right away, I mean during the video she was laying at the bottom of my feet.

In September we went to the 9th Annual USA Monografica, 2014 National Championships in Carrollton, GA and we as part of the Bravo Kennel family all met there, there were 3 other Bravo Kennel family dog owners there at the show and we all were glade you came too Beau; it was good having other Bravo families their for the support and to help one another. All of the Bravo Kennel dogs got  metals throughout the weekends events. On Sept.5 at the Dogo Canario Club of America USA National Specialty event, Lucia won Best female puppy, and Best Puppy in Show . Then on Saturday at the 9th Annual USA Monografica she won Best Female puppy in Show. Lucia came home with five number 1 metals. I was very excited and proud of her as Lucia was just being a puppy.

I'm glad that I waited on that breeding between Bandita and Rubio. Beau you have all ways been up front with me and honest from day one, as a breeder and now also as a friend, I want to say thank you for everything.

Glen Ray (Maryland)


I have owned working breeds my entire adult life (Fila Brasileiros, Rottweilers, Neapolitan/Pit Bull mixes), and I have been following your web site for many years.  I have closely followed your breeding program and wanted to say that your dogs are absolutely gorgeous, especially your FEMALES.

Presently, I own a male German Shepherd who is 9 years old who is my best friend.  He goes with me everywhere and hopefully he will continue to have  good health for many more years.

However, when he passes away, I will be calling you for a Presa pup.  In my opinion, there are NO Presa breeders out there who are producing the quality of Presa Canarios as you do.

A review of your breeding stock shows outstanding females.  They are superior in size, head size, muscle, and bone compared to any other breeder out there.  Your females are better than most MALES being produced by other breeders.   Breeders forget that it is essential to have strong, robust females for a successful breeding program, and it is quite clear through your beautiful females that you have achieved that goal.

I can only hope and pray that you continue to breed superb Presa Canarios for when I am ready to purchase a pup.

God Bless You,

Dawn Marini (Delaware)


We would like to thank Maria and you for the addition of our newest family member--“Isabella” (AKA: Bella).  We believe that we have gotten the perfect Presa Canario for our family, and we know that you’re trusting us to take great care of her.   Bella is smart, lovable, and has plenty of attitude.   We’re grateful that we got Bella from Bravo Kennel.  The quality of your Presa Canario’s is incredible.  It was a joy working with you over this past year.   My wife and I described the attributes that we were looking for to you in a Presa Canario and you replied that “I make Presa Canario’s like that all day long”.   I know that this was a business deal, but over the past year, we have really gotten an opportunity to know you.  We consider you a friend now.  You’ve provided quality service from day one.  Not only by educating me on different aspects of the breed, but you’ve shown great compassion for the breed itself.  I still can’t get over how you pick up on every personality trait of your different pups and recite them verbatim.  That really helped us in selecting the right pup for our family.   On top of that you made yourself available on a moment’s notice to show them to us via the internet.   Again, thank to you (Bravo Kennel) for trusting us to raise Bella.  We will continue to provide pictures as she grows.
James (MD)

My journey into Bravo Kennel was a long, but satisfying one. It started back in 2013, browsing through different Presa Kennel's websites clicking on different adult male, female, and puppy pictures. I'm a person who places strong emphasis on detail due to the trait problems that have arose in the past with other kennels. Pictures never looked sharp, if they had videos they were so short and unprofessionally produced, which made it impossible for me to even make a decision for just placing a call. What was the big problem about stating on their websites the prices for puppies? I couldn't understand the huge mystery behind all of this. It was a very frustrating process, but one that made it easy to dismiss them Kennel by Kennel.

    One day, I came across Bravo Kennel. I watched a very detailed video on Bravo Kennel's, "How to pick a Presa puppy". It was presented by Beau Hadden. I have to admit I was hooked from the first video. I noticed a vast difference in Bravo Kennel's puppies, as opposed to other Kennel's puppies. Beau's knowledge, professionalism, advice and extreme detail in his explanations were superb!

    From that day on, I was more and more interested in Bravo Kennel. Not a day or night passed in which I did not watch a Bravo Kennel video. I went into Bravo Kennel's website one day, and to my amazement there were no mysteries! Everything was laid out in plain sight. Great pictures of Bravo Kennel's males, females, and even the cost to own a Bravo Kennel puppy.  I was very impressed when I watched Bravo Kennel's videos with Beau in Spain showing his dogs in competition. Watching a businessman that's so involved in what he does, that he takes his work into international competition means a lot.

    It was then that I decided to place a call to Beau Hadden, but what I received at the other end sounded like no businessman; it felt like I was talking to someone I had known for a long time. He was patient, very knowledgeable, and friendly. We even had some internet viewing sessions, where I got to see his adult females and some very exciting times when he showed me puppies.

    We continued contact for over a year through the internet and phone calls, while I was in transition from New York to Connecticut. During internet sessions with Beau, I became very interested in a puppy. I explained to Beau my move to Connecticut was not finalized, and it was then that he advised for the betterment of the puppy to hold onto my money until my move to Connecticut was finalized. I was shocked and impressed at the same time! It hit me that Beau was not just a breeder that just concentrated on money; he cared deeply about his dogs, their puppies, and their future. Throughout our calls, he informed me about what I would be getting when acquiring a Bravo Kennel puppy as far as size, temperament, protectiveness, loyalty, and etc. are concerned.

    My boy Chulo is now one year and 13 months old, and I have to say Beau was accurate in every aspect he predicted. My family and I love my boy, he shows us plenty of love and is extremely obedient, calm, intelligent, protective to us and our home, and he's a beautiful dog! I just want to say thank you, Beau; for your professionalism, and being a man of your word. Thank you for extending your knowledge to me, and more importantly; thank you for my boy and new family member Bravo Kennel's Chulo.

Sammy Colon,

When we first talked to Beau about buying a dog. He said that his dogs are placed and not sold off. Beau spoke with experience and love for all his dogs. If you are doing your homework about Presa Canarios you will see Beau's face on other people's websites. People want his stock from Bravo Kennel to start their own kennel. What does that tell you about Bravo Kennel?

Those facts told us that Bravo Kennel has some of the best Presa Canarios in the United States. We printed the contract off his website, filled it out and sent in payment. Our family had plans that would limit our time at home for about 8-10 days. Beau was more than willing to ship Sahara now Scarlett to us on the date that we would be able to take care of our new puppy. Scarlett was exactly as described to us as far as temperament and markings. Beau went so far as to FaceTime us so we could see the puppy.

Scarlett fits right into our family and gets along with our other small dog, just like Beau said she would. As you can see from the pictures she is doing well with Griffin our 13 year old Affenpinscher. We took Scarlett to the vet and just like we thought she received a clean bill of health. She is doing great! We will have many years of pleasure with her.

Thank you Beau
Mike Groft


Bravo Kennel's TITAN was exactly 6 months old in this picture and weighed 105 pounds.
He is the son of Scorsesse de Villa Alisia and Bravo Kennel's Mina.


We were originally drawn to Beau (Bravo Kennel) because we were looking for a specific type of Presa Canario to replace our other Presa, who we had to put down several months earlier. Having had a bad experience with a local breeder, we conducted an extensive search on numerous Presa Canario breeders. We eventually chose Bravo Kennels because of Beau’s tremendous knowledge of the breed and his willingness to share that knowledge with us. We were able to tell immediately that Beau had a genuine passion for all his dogs and the breed itself. Throughout our discussions I was impressed by his breeding philosophy, and the top quality blood lines that he used in his breeding program to create his puppies, all this is very evident when you see his dogs. His dogs are beautiful specimens and represent the breed in its highest form. We expressed to Beau the type of dog we were looking for as far as color, temperament, show quality, drive and assertiveness. That day finally came when our special puppy was born and eight weeks later we added a new member to our family. She is everything we asked Beau for and more!
Thank you Beau!

Tony & Tracey (Georgia)

Bravo Kennel’s Chyna at 8 weeks 5 days old and weighing 20.5lbs

Bravo Kennel’s Chyna at 8 weeks 5 days old and weighing 20.5lbs


First of all, I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to Mr. Beau Hadden of Bravo Kennel for making it possible for us to have this puppy as a new addition to our family and getting our puppy all the way to the United Kingdom, for that we are so grateful and cannot thank Bravo Kennel enough, our puppy is our dream come true and is everything we asked Bravo Kennel for and more.

Everything you read on this breed, no matter what it is, temperament, character, whatever, we just look at our pup and say - that’s him, he is so true to the breed.  We were looking to get a Presa Canario for a while but just could not find any breeders in the United Kingdom where we were sure to get a 100% Presa Canario, and once we saw the Bravo Kennel YouTube videos my partner and I both decided our puppy had to come all the way to us from Bravo Kennel USA.  It was the best thing we have ever done and our family is now complete.

I sent an email to Bravo Kennel and Beau got straight back to me and suggested that we get together on Skype, so we did and not long after that our dream came true. Beau kept in touch with us as our pup grew up and we saw him on Skype many times and Beau is still there for us now no matter what it is we need him for, we have never met such a nice honest man, the trouble Beau went through to shipping our puppy to the United Kingdom was unreal. There was rabies injections, finding out prices of flights then getting him on the flight when it was time for that, there was an awful lot to do which I won’t mention everything and Beau handled everything on his end fantastic for us.

We would advise anyone to buy a Bravo Kennel puppy and have the wonderful experience we had.

We have huge respect, and a massive big thank you to Beau Hadden and Bravo Kennel.

Tom and Kelly 
United Kingdom


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